Warning Signs

Do you…

  • Get angry or insecure about your partner’s relationships with others (friends, family, coworkers) and feel possessive?

  • Frequently call and text to check up on your partner, or have them check in with you?

  • Check up on your partner in different ways? (Ex. Reading their personal emails, checking their texts)

  • Feel like your partner needs to ask your permission to go out, get a job, go to school or spend time with others?

  • Get angry when your partner doesn’t act the way you want them to or do what you want them to?

  • Blame your anger on drugs, alcohol, or your partner’s actions?

  • Find it very difficult to control your anger and calm down?

  • Express your anger by threatening to hurt your partner, or actually physically doing so?

  • Express your anger verbally through raising your voice, name calling or using put-downs?

  • Forbid your partner from spending money, or require that they have an allowance and keep receipts of their spending?

  • Force or attempt to force your partner to be intimate with you?

  • Blow up in anger at small incidents or “mistakes” your partner makes?

Source: National DV Hotline

Call or chat with trained professionals at the National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-7233 (24/7)

or call our advocates at the San Diego County District Attorney's Office at

760-806-4079 during business hours

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